De Addiction

De Addiction for
Alcohol, Smoking, Tobbaco, Gutkha, Ganja(Marijuana), Drugs addiction 
Pure herbal treatment u can give this medicine without the knowledge of the addicted person there is no smell, taste, or colours change.. U can see the results within 15 days..


Symptoms of Addiction

The cardinal symptom of addiction is the inability to limit use of a substance or activity beyond need leading to clinically significant impairment.
There is a craving or compulsion to use the substance or activity.
Recurrent use of the drug or activity escalates to achieve the desired effect, indicating tolerance.
Attempts to stop usage produce symptoms of withdrawal—irritability, anxiety, shakes, nausea.
Recurrent use of the substance or activity impairs work, social, and family responsibilities, creates psychological impairments and interpersonal problems, has negative effects on health, mood, self-respect, exacerbated by the effects of the specific substance itself.
There are many symptoms created by the specific substance/activity that is used.

All addictions have the capacity to induce feelings of shame and guilt, a sense of hopelessness, and feelings of failure. In addition, anxiety and depression are common conditions among those with substance and behavioral addictions..