Low Sperm Counts

Low Sperm Counts 

There are Three types of Sperms in males:-

? Active (65%)

Sluggish (25%)

Dead (10%)


Active sperms are very useful in fertilization & producing a child. So patient’s who are suffering from low active sperm count can get treatment over here. We cure our patient with our special herbal medicines which helps in increasing the number of active sperms & also gives viscosity (gadhapan) in the sperms.

Note :- Some time patient compare well educated sex specialist doctor with those other doctors who are not able to cure these kinds of problem & they provide false treatment which leads to further impotency other sexual problem. After getting treatment by our educated team you can compare the result & we are sure our result would be for much better than others.

Symptoms :- No viscosity in the sperms, not able to produce the child, very thin sperm fluid, low or no erectness, early discharge.

Precautions :- No alcohol consumption, no intoxication don’t eat goond katira do not eat Indian gooseberooy pickle drink more & more milk, eat more sweet dishes (but not the diabetic patient), Non-veg can be taken & treatment should be continuous Thus it should be cured as soon as possible.